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New Year - New You - Should You Detox The Body?

Our bodies are exposed to over 800 toxins on a daily basis. These toxins enter the body through the digestive track, lungs, and skin. The effect of this toxicity along with poor diet, processed foods, food additives, pesticides, hormones, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, food coloring, and more wreak havoc on our bodies causing inflammation, joint/muscle pain, digestion problems, hormone imbalances, excess weight gain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, skin problems, sleep issues, immune dysfunction, and illness. Detoxing the body on an annual basis is important to support the organs that filter toxins through the body such as the liver, gut (stomach, intestines, colon, and immune system), blood, kidneys, and gall bladder. What can be achieved through detoxing or cleansing? Improve circulation, increase energy, improve hormone function, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, improve memory function, reduce allergies, improve overall health, skin, and appearance. It is important to include an organic, whole food diet through this process to be sure your body is getting the proper nutrients. If you have any questions about this subject or other nutrition questions, please feel free to contact me at: Susan Pugach, C.N. The OC Nutritionist (714)401-8707

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