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Sleep: If you don't lose!

Sleep is essential for survival and health. When sleep is disrupted or deprived, it can affect memory, health, physical energy, and more. Humans should spend up to a third of their lives sleeping, but with today's hectic lifestyles, many people may find it difficult to wind down and get enough sleep to function at optimal levels during the day and evening. It's important for you all as tennis enthusiasts and athletes to understand the restorative power of sleep on your body functions and mind, as well as how sleep deficit can impact all areas of your lives. Sleep is important for so many things including allowing the body to clear toxins and help restore normal brain and gut activity. Contact The OC Nutritionist, Susan Pugach, C.N. if are finding it difficult to get enough needed sleep and if stress or health issues are contributing to your sleep problems. There are natural and organic solutions that can help support a healthy night's sleep.

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